As a staff member, you have access to a number of resources, facilities and support to help you realise your potential. As a Christian institution, we do have certain expectations of our employees. Simply put we expect all to reflect God in the workplace.

Staff diversity

The University of the Southern Caribbean (USC) prides itself on maintaining cultural diversity as one of its core values. Our ethnically diverse faculty population find representation from over 40 countries, creating a rich campus experience of acceptance and appreciation of cultural differences.

Employment and benefits

Employees are provided various benefits. For more information visit the human resource department. Staff are encouraged to be a part of the vibrancy of the university community while enjoying the serenity of the Maracas Valley. Staff at the USC can pursue professional development by pursuing further education while employed. Staff get attractive discounts when pursuing masters degrees. This helps to build capacity and enhance the competencies within our schools and departments. Staff are all encouraged to develop academically while at the university. We’re looking forward to helping you grow with us.

Fellowship at work

The Office of Spiritual Development seeks to foster spiritual growth and development of the USC family through daily corporate worship, which is held every morning at 8:00 a.m. As a Christian institution, we are grateful to God for His many blessings and for the spirit-filled worship experiences the different departments would have led, increasing our faith in God and our camaraderie with each other. Contact this office for the roster for the current semester.

Safety at work

We make every effort to ensure your work environment is safe. We aim to take a proactive approach to manage safety risk while conforming to the local OSHA regulations. , As you’d expect, our focus is on preventing incidents.

The ambience of the university campus is often described as friendly and good for a relaxed education.

USC Employee handbook

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