Teaching at USC

At the University of the Southern Caribbean, learning is a voyage of discovery for students and teachers alike. We encourage all faculty members to integrate faith and learning in the classroom. We are a Seventh-day Adventist institution and while our faculty comes from a diverse religious background, we encourage prayer within the classroom and other ways of sharing spiritual insights to students. As instructors and professors, we are responsible for guiding the generations we instruct preparing them not just for this life but encourage them to appreciate the life hereafter. We like to think of it as preparing for service to God and humanity.

Course development

Use this template for creating course outlines across the university. Download now.

Supplemental exams

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Instruction delivery

Most courses at the USC are delivered via in-class instruction. However, online and blended learning augments traditional learning practices allowing students to learn at any time and anywhere. We're motivated to look for ways to adapt and embrace new technology to enhance the learning experience.

Student engagement and collaboration

Our approach to teaching is informed by evidence that the modern student is likely to learn best when a face-to-face experience is combined with sophisticated and interactive digital resources. In a world of amazing technological change, we explore how the digital and physical campus experience can work to engage bright, curious minds in the process of learning.

Exams and assessment

Staff at USC are also part of exam invigilation team. For more information and guide, please Login.

Student Advisement

Advising is a part of academic duty at the USC a duty which is shared with the advisement centre. Faculty members provide advisement to third and fourth-year students.

The University of the Southern Caribbean (USC) continues to make significant improvements in faculty, staff, instructional programmes, equipment, and facilities.